Bugs- The ladybug


It's a fact, your lawn is full of bugs. Sure they are gross and creepy to some but in reality, not all insects are bad, in fact most are either good or behnine.  Very often, if not monitored correctly, spraying the shrubs and trees can be more harmful than good because spraying also kills the beneficial insects that keep the population of bad insects under control. Spraying should only be done when the population of bad insects is so great that they're doing damage to the plant. In my bug posts I will introduce different bugs, how they can help or harm your yard and measures you should take to keep the populations of the bad bugs under control. 

First up, the Lady Beetle

Also known as the ladybug or ladybird, the lady beetle is a good bug that can benefit your yard especially if you have a garden. Lady Beatles eat aphids and scale, soft bodied insects that are harmful to vegetable crops and other plants. Lady beetles will help keep the population of these pesky insects under control. You can actually purchase lady beetles for this purpose. 

The only time Lady Beatles can be pesky is if they get in your house, they won't hurt anything, they just seem to come in flocks. You can easily prevent lady beetles from coming inside by sealing any cracks and make sure there's a tight seal on doors and windows.